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Paula Quinn Artwork

Wildflowers Pretty in Pink

Wildflowers Pretty in Pink

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Series: Wildflowers 

Piece Title: Pretty in Pink

Size Available: 

Framed size 80cm x 80cm

A vibrant playful acrylic painting of wildflowers. This piece has a mix of painting techniques applied whilst building up the layers of colour. In parts the paint has been applied by palette knife so the paint is tactile to touch. The painted has had a gloss varnish protection top coat appplied and has been professionally framed in a beautiful St Ives frame. 


What is a commission?

A commission is when you the client asks an artist to paint you a composition of your choice in both size and style. I offer repeat commissions of popular previous commissions, or you can order a bespoke commission, an image of your choosing. Have a look at my gallery, which showcases the range of work I have painted to date. It’s always good to have a piece of mine chosen that is closest to what you want as a starting point.

What is your lead time? 

Lead time can vary but at the moment is 8 weeks and if this changes I will keep the lead-time updated on the website. Lead-time basically is the wait time on your piece, and this is impacted based on what orders have been placed in front of your order. I do hope it is worth the wait.

Readymade: These pieces are ready to post however if you require bespoke framing this will add 2 week to your wait time.

What happens after I book a commission online?

I will send you a message to confirm your order and send you your wait time. If you need modifications to a commission and have marked that during your order or if you have ordered a bespoke commission I will contact you by phone to discuss the details.

Can you guide me on what might suit my space?

If you aren’t sure what size you need, feel free to contact me. Sometimes clients will send me a photo of their space and I will draw the size I feel appropriate on their photo, they measure it and then we have our size.

Alternatively, you can use low tac masking tape to tape out your wall, to give you a visual guide.

What can I do if the size I need isn’t on offer on your commissions page?

I have my most popular sizes listed but if you need a specific size not listed please get in touch and I can quote specific to that size.

Does your work come ready to hang?

Yes, whether you purchase an unframed or framed canvas, it will come ready for your wall.

Can you work from a photo?

For bespoke canvases I can paint from your canvases. Some people like a particular piece in terms of colour but want their image that’s fine but it will be quoted as a custom piece.

Can I make changes to the commission mid way through?

I always try to work out what it is you want from the get go, so we are both really clear on what to expect visually. I then paint 80-90% of the commission and then check back in with you and if there are changes needed you shout until its sorted.

How big a piece can you do?

I can paint to any size however once you move past 1.5m x 1m, blank canvases are made to measure. If it a piece that doesn’t have texture it a piece that doesn’t have texture it could be removed from the stretcher bars and rolled and posted, however if it is textured it would need to be transported stretched. Again, just contact me and I can guide you.

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